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Advance Data Protection and Disaster recovery services with Website Hosting Services

We fully grasp that information is the lifeblood of most corporations today and companies more and more require 100% uptime, where knowledge is continually on-line and obtainable. We now have accordingly carried out strong solutions that enables you to preserve your information within the unfortunate event of program malfunction, system failure, routine of loss of data because of hacking or viruses etc.

RAID Technology - We use trendy RAID Hardware to protect all data on the server against harddisk failures. This science works through making a reflect of all information on a couple of harddisk routinely, without any delay i.E. All data is written to a couple of harddisks simultanously in order that if any hard disk fails, that hard drive will be marked as deactivated and the approach will nonetheless proceed to operate as if nothing has happened by using using the reproduction of the information on the other hard disk drive(s). The high-quality section is that you don't require to make any alterations or detailed code adjustments for your internet site/net software for this technolgy to function.

RAID programs present a gigantic competencies over non-RAID techniques, each in phrases of information protection and capacity to preserve a hundred% uptime, because the method continues to function flawlessly in case of disk screw ups. RAID technological know-how also marginally improves the performance of the various services on the server.

As soon as a hard disk drive fails, notification signals are sent out, in order that the failed hard disk may also be replaced by way of the process directors. As such, the process continues to perform most commonly despite disk screw ups, utilising the reflect of the information on the extra harddisk(s).

Daily & Weekly Server Backups - Most important information exists across quite a lot of locations on a server. Our subject-matter professionals have conducted comprehensive research and have ready problematic backup scripts that robotically preserve copies of all foremost files and folders, in a cozy method, on a common pre-outlined interval, such that we are able to repair a server in the shortest viable time, within the event of a complete failure.

Your Own Backup Policy Manager (Only Applicable for Web Hosting Packages) - All our offerings contain your crtitical data. Most of our merchandise have a built-in Backup supervisor that presents complete and fee powerful defense via allowing you to outline enormously flexible backup policies with a view to look after your crucial data. An online-headquartered backup policy manager provides an handy-to-use one-step wizard to define the backup scope, backup frequency and backlogs