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Protect your website from

  • Viruses
  • Bot Attacks
  • Hackers
  • Identity Theft
  • Search Engine Blacklists
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Sitelock is easy, economical and effective

Automatically Prevents Attacks

SiteLock monitors your website 24x7 for vulnerabilities and attacks, this means that you can worry much less about your internet site and more about what you are promoting.

Boosts Customer Trust

Over 70% buyers appear for a signal of protection earlier than offering private important points on-line. The SiteLock believe Seal no longer best re-assures purchasers but in addition boosts revenue.

Starts Working Instantly

You do not want technical expertise to put in and hooked up SiteLock on your internet site. SiteLock is cloud-situated and starts scanning your website and electronic mail instantly.

How it Works


Scans Daily

SiteLock displays each facet of your net presence day-to-day to establish security gaps. It now not most effective assessments your internet site, e mail and functions, but also search engine blacklists and spam filters.

Scans and Checks

Identifies Threats

SiteLock's 360 measure scan and robust firewall identify developed vulnerabilities earlier than they are able to be exploited to wreck your web presence, for this reason striking you one step forward of hackers, at all times!

Top Threats

Instantly Notifies and Fixes

SiteLock not only handiest identifies threats, but also fixes them for you routinely. This fashion, SiteLock works within the historical past to shield your internet site, even as it's industry as ordinary for you and your shoppers.

Learn How

  • Website Files

    SiteLock uses external-in and inside of-out FTP scans to screen all of your records day-to-day and determine protection loopholes or malware injections. It now not best identifies threats, but also fixes them instantly earlier than they can hurt your internet presence.


    SiteLock scans all functions like blogs, browsing carts and many others. For recognized vulnerabilities, which hackers take advantage of to attack your internet site. SiteLock will provide you with a warning of those gaps and tell you of upgrades to be certain your are jogging safe software in your website online.

  • Emails

    SiteLock will check in case your website or servers are sending or referenced in spam emails. In case your are caught by means of spam filters, many electronic mail packages will ignore mails despatched by means of your web site, because of this that you're going to now not be ready to reach your customers.

    Visitor Traffic

    SiteLock's TrueShield Firewall creates a force subject around your website and makes use of a worldwide network to identify malicious traffic, block bot attacks and look after your content material from being "scraped", at the same time making certain search engine accessibility.

  • Changes to Files

    With SiteLock's deep FTP scans, you are going to be instantly alerted of any alterations that have been made to your files, so to keep on prime of all pastime taking place in your website and trap unauthorized edits earlier than they reason any harm.

    Search Engine Blacklists

    SiteLock monitors blacklists of search engines like google and yahoo and exams their own database of 7,000+ malware sites, to ensure that your website online isn't linked to them or blacklisted. This fashion, SiteLock helps look after and increase your natural and organic rankings and visitors.

  • SQL Injections (SQL-I)

    Hackers can obtain entry to your database and steal customer knowledge, including e-mail addresses, passwords, bank card information and so on. By using inserting SQL commands on your internet site's enter types and jogging codes that you don't intend to.

    Remote File Includes (RFI)

    Attackers add a custom coded, malicious file on a internet site or server making use of a script. The vulnerability exploits the negative validation assessments in websites and can eventually result in unintended code execution on the server or internet site.

  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

    XSS flaws arise as a result of unsuitable validation. Attackers take advantage of long-established consumer-aspect scripts like JavaScript and HTML and execute code in the victim's browser which is able to hijack user periods, deface websites, or redirect the user to malicious web sites.

    Broken Authentication and Session Management

    In most cases, software services involving authentication and session administration aren't carried out appropriately, enabling hackers to steal passwords, keys, tokens, or take advantage of different implementation flaws to count on users' identities.

  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

    This assault forces a victim's browser to ship forged HTTP requests, including the session cookie and different authentication know-how, to a inclined net utility. This enables hackers to drive the victim's browser to make requests which trick the applying into believing that they are reputable.

    Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards

    Due to unsuitable validation, internet sites in general redirect customers to different pages utilising untrusted knowledge to assess the destination. This allows for attackers to redirect victims to phishing or malware web sites, or use forwards to entry unauthorized pages.

Instantly Notifies

On detecting a vulnerability or presence of malicious code for your internet site, SiteLock immediately notifies you by way of:


*SMSes will be sent to the list of supported countries only

Instantly Fixes

In addition to identifying malware, SiteLock's SMART Tool can actually fix it automatically


  • Conducts deep FTP scans for your files
  • Identifies loopholes or vulnerabilities in your code
  • Detects malicious code
  • Removes malicious code and cleans your site

Select a plan for your website

Basic For Static websites $15.51/yr Professional For Dynamic websites $27.76/yr Premium For Ecommerce websites $36.13/yr Enterprise For Web Applications $94.75/yr
Pages 25 100 500 2,500
Daily Malware Scan
Network Scan
Trust Seal
Daily FTP Scan
Automatic Malware Removal
File Change Monitoring
Application Scan 1-time 1-time
SQL Injection Scan 1-time 1-time
Cross-Site Scripting Scan 1-time 1-time
Security Alerts
Use of Global Network to Identify Malicious Behavior
Block Bad Bot Attacks
Search Engine Access
Comment Spam Elimination
CAPTCHA Security
Block content "scraping"
Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring
Spam Verification
SSL Verification
Buisness Verification
Phone Number Verification
Postal Address Verification
*SSL-enabled websites are not compatible with the Basic Firewall & CDN that is included for Free in every plan. However, the scans will work as expected for such sites.

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